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this the last few days. "the new york times" got in on this today. how key is this going to be if we have a late night tonight and don't know what is going on in ohio? >> the name is don houston. i have said it before, the new catherine harris, the republican electd secretary of state, support out 7 million applications for requests, absentee ballots and were never gone before. s long and short of it, tom, there are 300,000, at least, provisional ballots that can't be counted by law in ohio. they have to wait 10 days. i don't see in a tight race how we will know what happened in ohio, really, the key to the election until those votes are counted. >> something unusual happened to this campaign, and i still call it a campaign. mitt romney and paul ryan were still out there on the trail today. and we saw mit ryan touch down
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in pittsburgh. what does it tell you this late in the game, you know, during the game that mitt romney is taking time out to go to western pennsylvania? >> well, the fact of the matter is, just saw david plough, the top political organizer for obama said, look, i don't know why they're going to pennsylvania. they have to win 2/3 of the independent -- independence. democrats outnumber republicans in pennsylvania by over a million. they think it's just a faint and decoy. the republicans will probably say to you no, wait a second. there is a republican governor, both houses are republican. >> but talk about that for a minute. >> yeah. >> a faint -- creating a bluff was two weeks ago. this is election day. virginia is razor thin as it gets. >> why didn't he go tova have? >> i think you should have been the campaign manager, tom. it would have been better to go to virginia, strategically, and the makiavillian sense than to pennsylvania. the odds in pennsylvania are
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much greater. virginia is the tightest swing state. if you think your presence means something, go to the state. it's the closest. they might come back and say well, virginia is 13 electoral points. we might lose ohio, which is 18, pennsylvania's 20, we're going f broke. >> how much of a driver is this u.s. senate race going on between tim kaine and george allen in virginia going to be right now? early on, we're talked about whether the presidential race was going to affect the senate race. is the vice-versa happening here? >> and if barack obama -- i think tim kaine is running ahead of barack obama in virginia. he has coattails. if romney wins virginia and wins it by two or three points, i think george allen goes with him and i think there is a possibility of ticket splitting by virtue of the fact that you might have people voting for
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romney and cane. i will repeat the line that brian moran uses. it's the chairman of the democratic party in virginia. it's relevant to this. you find me one obama-allen voter. they don't exist. >> in less than an hour, they'll come to a close. >> thank you. both vice presidential candidates cast their ballots. paul ryan voted in janesville, wisconsin. ryan and his wife went together with the kids to the polling like. after filling out his ballot, it was back to campaigning and ryan appeared in many places, including cleveland with romney in the afternoon and he travelled to richmond. ryan will watch the returns tonight at romney headquarters in boston. vice president joe biden cast his vote in delaware. he and his wife stood in line with other voters outside of a high school in greenville. biden's served four decades in elected office, 36 as a senator from delaware. back to battleground
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virginia now. and it's predicted the presidential and senate race will be close. and in maryland, hotly contested ballot issues like expanded gambling, gay marriage and the dream act are bringing out voters in high numbers. lauren demarco is live in laurel, maryland, watching the issues and we'll start with karen gray houston live in virginia. karen? >> reporter: in burke, virginia, this is lake braddock's secondary school. the voting has been heavy here all day long. there were 250 people waiting in line when they opened the doors here this morning and there has been no lull all day long. it's taken as long as an hour and a half to get through the line. as little as about 40 minutes. these are people strongly motivated to help decide whether the next president will be barack obama or mitt romney and on the way in to vote, the potential voters are able to listen to some calm, soothing
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chamber music. it's being played by a high school quartet. in terms of problems at the polls, we are being told that they have been -- there is that music. the problems at the polls have been at a minimum. >> the problems would have been i.d. problems, people who came in who did not have i.d. or had i.d. and were recently moved into the area, so we had to look them up and figure out what is the correct procedure to make sure they can vote. >> i want to give president obama his full term. i think he's been doing a good job with what he's had to work with. >> can we ask who you voted for for president? >> romney. >> why? >> i don't like the way the country's going. too many lies, too much cronyism. >> i voted for obama. >> why? >> because i feel strongly that he will do the right thing for women, for the supreme court,
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and for the middle class. >> reporter: there are some other races on the ballot other than that presidential election, of course. the congressional election, including the highly contentious race between the former governor's tim kaine and george allen. there are some bond issues on the ballot and some constitutional questions. now, keeping an eye on what is going on in maryland, lauren demarco is in maryland. lauraen? >> reporter: thanks, karen. we're at the boys and girls club here. at this precinct, there are 2800 eligible voters. i just checked inside. 1800 more, a little more than 1800 have voted as of 6:00 p.m. and still two hours left seeing a very good turnout here in laurel. there are 3.7 million registered voters and definitely busy at the polls tonight. the line right now is shorter than it was when we last checked in with you in the last hour and looks like folks are showing up and people are there
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outside and once you get inside, it snakes around as well. the folks here, of course, along with the presidential election and congressional and senate races. they're allowing undocumented immigrants to payitution. and there is question 6, the civil marriage protection act. the voters deciding on the issue of same-sex marriage and question 7, the gambling expansion in the state and we spoke with voters as they left the polls talking about the issues. >> and with that mileage i voted no. it's against my belief. >> if you're in love with someone, you want to spend the rest of your life with them and that is your right. >> i think the gambling might be good. it increases jobs. >> and themon gig to the school
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and that was the biggest issue for me. i would have to go against it. i didn't think it was going to go for the right cause. >> reporter: there are board of elect seats on the ballot. she was concerned about that and that is an issue for voters here as well. folks are leaving and tell me their entire wait from getting online and voting and walking out of the door is about 55 minutes at this point. the latest in laurel, brian, back to you in the studio. >> andsty with fox 5 for continuing political coverage. we'll have live reports and analysis throughout the evening and you to weigh in on everything. and use the measures in maryland, the hash tag division 2012 to tweet us your thoughts. straight ahead, voters hit by super storm sandy still determined to complete their civic duty. how they casting their ballots in locations under water without power. matt. >> and strong voter turnout in the district. there is one issue that has
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people upset. coming up, i'll explain in a live report. sue, it's cold out here. >> definitely is, matt. all right some -- already some places in the 30s. no freeze warning and that won't be as cold tonight as it was last night. what about the nor'easter? we'll talk about whether or not that is going to impact d.c. that is coming up in a few minutes. come on up to the news edge at 6. 
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. to the district now, long lines greeted many this morning, despite the fact that over the weekend, election officials estimate over 50,000 people voted early. matt ackland is keeping an eye on things in d.c. and joins us live from mckinley tech high. >> reporter: we're told at this high school, the line was very long at 7:00 this morning. 500 people that looped around the building. one issue that is really tieing things up, at least that is hat we're hearing from voters, is that there is not a lot, not enough electronic voting
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machines throughout the district and there is one at each precinct. y that choosing -- at the machines and having to line up today. >> voters in d.c. being asked to pick leaders in the wake of serious ethical issues. the chairman of the council's position was place on the ballot after kwame brown resigned from office, pleading guilty to several crimes. bill mendelson is likely to keep the seat he held temporarily since brown stepped down. two at-large seats are also in play as well as four ward council positions. also, three charter amendments are being put in front of voters. one allowing the council to remove a colleague for ethical violations. two, no council member convicted of a felony serving would be committed to serve. number three would prevent the mayor from serving if convicted of a felony in office.
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mean while, polling locations were busy today. this is a look at mlk library downtown. many people voting before work. then to the shaw library in northwest where there were long lines as well. here is videos ourvo captures in tenleytown. we talked to voters today and this is what they had to say. >> 2008 was not as bad. i think everyone this time is actually voting. that is a good thing. >> and you're here in the line, so much shorter now, huh? >> much shorter. >> a good thing? >> i can get into the door. i don't have to wait in the cold and i am here and i am ready to do my thing. >> reporter: a lot of people doing their thing this afternoon and this is what it looked like inside mckinley tech high school around 4:30, 4:45 this afternoon. and there is that good line
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inside. we're told that when they first put them into place in 2008, people simply weren't using them. they were at precincts and folks were mot going there to use them and no more were purchased. for some reason, this time around, people want to use them and so elections officials told me they were going look into purchasing more for the next election, brian. >> coming up on the news edge, appealing to swing state voters on a one-on-one interview. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company,or geico.
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i propose savings for everyone! and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! too bad nobody could hear me.
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. the sunshine state could cast a dark shadow on either presidential candidate today. the race neck-in-neck in florida, where the 29 electoral votes could end up deciding this thing. president obama sat down for an interview with craig patrick
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from our sister station wtvt in tampa. >> reporter: the president was very reflective. he was focused on his record. couple, this is the last day he will spend as a candidate and he suggested some of his negative campaign ads were out of bounds. we asked him for specifics, which ads he produced across the line. he would not give specifics but this is a heated, charged race because there was so much at stake. we also asked him to size up the integrity of the opponents and look at what the president said. they're looking for honesty and candor, putting visions and differences with the issues aside. do you consider mitt romney to be a man of integrity and if so, when is the last time you saw him show it? >> i will say governor romney
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is a very talented individual. obviously, he's been very successful in his life, and i think his commitment to his family and his community and his church are powerful. but, what i can say is that when you look at my track record over the last four years, i have done what i said. i said i would end the war in iraq and i did. and i said that i would make sure the people in america don't go bankrupt when they sick. we have passed healthcare reform. i said we would rain in wall street so we don't have another tax payer funded bailout. we did that. i said we would go after bin laden, we did and that we would end, we would make sure we save on american auto industry and get it back on its feet. that is what we have done. >> reporter: looking ahead, if he wins, he can't rest on the
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laurels and achievements. he will have to break the gridlock there in congress. to the point, the president went out of the way to say the american people, they're not concerned about ideas from the left to right and they're concerned about the ideas if they work and if the president wins, we will hear more about them. mitt romney spending election day on the road after casting his ballot in massachusetts. republican nominee hit the trail for the competitive buckeye state. >> and this is critical. this is the big day for big change and we're about to change america to help people in the ways that -- to be helped with good jobs. >> they held a rally in ohio, and grabbed a quick lunch in wendy's. romney's final push in pennsylvania, a state that hasn't voted for a republican presidential candidate since
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1988. hey there, brian. it was a cold election day and at least it was a dry day. you will probably notice the clouds thickening up. that was the coastal storm we have been watching, beginning to make the move up the atlantic seaboard. live over d.c., we're rather quiet and settled and still have time to get to the polls. you will be chilly, but you will not be getting wet as we look across the city and talk about where the temperatures are. you want to have a jacket with you. it's rather chilly out there, and we have some places down into the 30s, including 37 in frederick. you drop down to 23 degrees last night, frederick, 39 for gaithersburg; 44 degrees in d.c. and, yes, it's still chilly up and down the coast. new york city is at 39 degrees now. boston, 37. early season chill, our average high should be about 62 degrees for the time in november and we're in the upper 40s today. overnight, not as cold as last night. no freeze warning in effect and there -- in affect and they not going issue those anymore.
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it will be cloudy and it will keep us from getting quite as chilly. this is our storm system. good news, our models continue to suggest that this is not going to be quite as strong and that is off of the coast. impacts will be minimal in the d.c. area and that is going to be a pounding on the coast and we're expecting moderate coastal fluid flooding and a storm surge of two to three feet and an inch of rain and we'll so the piece of energy deep in our storm stories system and some good gusts. a little bit of show and -- snow. this is our future cast and taking it to wednesday morning. the system is off of the coast and there might be rain sneaking in and we think it might be to interstate 95. anything here would be light and in through the afternoon, enough cold air might be getting pulled in. did you see snow here for new york city and philadelphia? i wouldn't be shocked if wet
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snow tried to mix in for areas east of 95 and over to the del marva and can you see some snow here into thursday morning before the system pulls on out. we're hoping that this is not going to be a huge pointing and that is looking like the -- huge pointing and that is looking like what is it's going to be. in northeastern maryland and in and around the philadelphia area, one to two inches of snow on the grassy areas and they should be a couple to three feet above high tide and this is your seven-day forecast, a couple more days in the 40s and with some minimal impact here, breezy and light rain mixed with snow east of 95 tomorrow afternoon. a chance of that and on friday, we start jumping things up and into our holiday weekend for veteran's day, we'll see temperatures in the mid-60s. >> thank you, sue.
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and in the northeast, voters won't be stopped by the storm.
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. voters in new york and new jersey are getting help by state officials to cast their votes. authorities have been driving storm victims to their polling sites and distributing mail-in ballots at shelters. they will be allowed to cast provisional battle on thes at any polling place they can get to. >> reporter: election day in new york looks different because of hurricane sandy. take a look. the voting machines are being housed under white tents. i never thought i would see this in new york. today, all eyes are on this generator parked here outside of the polling location and this is helping to supply power
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to the polling site. what is helping to supply power, if can you believe this, is the live truck there. the navy truck and there is an extension chord plugged into that truck. if we trace that extension chord through the fence and into the polling site, if you will follow me a bit, you can see there in the distance those two lights are being powered from our live truck and they're helping voters here to so as they vote. is unorthodox and we have never seen anything like this in new york. this polling site is for people, voters who will would vote at nine other sites here in and this is an executive order allowing registered voters in new york city and nassau, suffolk, westchester, and rockland counties to vote at any polling site. that is designed for people who have been displaced by hurricane sandy can still vote
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on election day. and so far, after a bit of a rocky start here, it appears as though things are going just fine. that is the latest from rockaway park this morning, robert moses, fox news. >> and now you have the news edge. of course, the news is always on keep it here. you decide 2012, the news edge special edition is, the last night as long as this election is out of here tonight and doesn't drag into on to into other days is coming up next. hope you voted. hang tight. settle in. we have another half hour to go. we'll be right back. i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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